Discover the Baltic Chill Zone

The Baltic Chill Zone offers all residents of Baltic Season and their guests a place where they can find something to enjoy. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide you with a comfortable moment of relaxation and to offer you a space outside your apartment to unwind. How about something that benefits your body and well-being? In the fitness area, you have the opportunity to exercise and work up a sweat. And if that’s not enough, the sauna is also available to you. For those who simply want to relax, the indoor relaxation area with its heated bench is the perfect spot. You have the freedom to choose how you want to relax best.

Fitness Zone

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Outdoor Chill Zone



One of the most popular methods to warm the human body is possible in a specially prepared room. There is a high temperature in there that has a positive effect on muscle relaxation, health, the immune system and mood. Baltic Season residents have access to two different saunas: a traditional Finnish sauna and a steam sauna with lower temperature and higher humidity. The latter is ideal for those who cannot tolerate the hot and dry atmosphere of the classic sauna. After the sauna, it’s important to cool down, right? For this purpose, there is an ice cube maker available. This device produces ice cubes that can be used to pleasantly cool the warmed body.

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. To promote this, we offer you a special fitness area where you will find the basic equipment to implement your individual training plans. Whether you opt for cardio or strength training, we provide you with bicycles, orbitracks, benches and dumbbells. In addition, you will find a changing room, toilets and showers on-site. A high-quality audio system ensures the right atmosphere, whether you are working out or relaxing in the sauna.

Fitness Zone


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Indoor Chill Zone

Moments of relaxation can be made even more enjoyable by a heated bench, the temperature of which can be adjusted to your body. This bench helps relax the body. Combined with the cozy interior of the room, the heated bench ensures that the residents of Baltic Season feel completely comfortable.

Outdoor Chill Zone

A terrace equipped with sun loungers provides the comfort of relaxing in the fresh air. Enjoying the seaside atmosphere becomes even more pleasant. How about a good book or a board game with your loved ones? You have the freedom to decide how you want to spend your time in this relaxation area.

We build the highest quality seaside apartments as that is our hallmark in business and customer relations. We have customized solutions, so we can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. With the help of innovative technologies, we realize for You a unique estate with a wide range of amenities.