Grzybowo is an attractive suburb of Kolobrzeg.

Grzybowo is attracting more and more tourists every year.
This is hardly surprising, as the unique location of this place will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding guests.

Grzybowska Bay forms a coastline stretching 7 kilometers. Its shape makes the water temperature several degrees warmer compared to nearby sea waters, plus there is a special microclimate with small sea waves.

The nearby dunes are surrounded by pine forests, which together create a unique space. During the tourist season, the beaches attract whole families thirsty for sea bathing on sunny days. Furthermore, Grzybowo is distinguished from the rest of the seaside resorts by its atmosphere, allowing full relaxation.

The proximity of the beach, as well as the forests within sight of our apartments, encourage You to spend Your free time in nature.


In autumn and winter, tourists can enjoy walks, taking advantage of the coastal air full of iodine. The wide beaches are traversed by whole families on the lookout for the treasures offered by the Baltic Sea, as the bay abounds in amber. They appear on the beach most often after storms, especially in the autumn and winter.

Grzybowo in the opinion of tourists is considered a suburb of Kolobrzeg. It takes only a few minutes from our apartments to reach its center. The main gem of the „Pearl of the Baltic“ is the pier, visited by thousands of visitors.

Lighthouse Kolobrzeg

15 minutes by car

It is located in the center of the city, on the site of a former fort, and is a popular tourist attraction. From the top of the lighthouse, measuring 26 meters, You can admire the sea and the panorama of Kolobrzeg. By the way, You can climb up the lighthouse.


9 minutes on foot

This is a recreational and leisure area available at any time of the year. Sea bathing, sunbathing or long walks are just some of the pleasures offered by the beach in Grzybowo.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing

12 minutes by car

Those looking for seaside activities will certainly be interested in learning windsurfing or kitesurfing. There are several schools offering professional courses. Also, sailing enthusiasts will find something for themselves.

Canoe rafting

7 minutes by car

For those who like to spend time actively on the water, a canoe trip on the Parsęta River should be quite a treat. You can start the route at one of several stops and finish it at the Kolobrzeg marina. In addition to admiring the surrounding nature, during the rafting trip, You can also admire, among other things: the remains of the Baterdau fortification or other militaria in the Kolobrzeg area.

Boat trip

15 minutes by car

Who wouldn’t want to experience a sea adventure at least once? Visitors to Kolobrzeg can enjoy a such a trip by taking a cruise on the Baltic Sea.


14 minutes by car

This is a must-see for any tourist visiting Kolobrzeg. The pier is open all year round. This gives everyone the opportunity to safely enter the depths of the sea and admire its beauty.

Amusement park

10 minutes by car

The amusement park „Wild West“ is a place for the whole family, where everyone will find something for themselves. Visitors can experience there an Indian village, a mini zoo, or a western city, where you can feel the atmosphere of the wild west.

Seaside Hanseatic Trail

1 minute by bike

A real gem awaits fans of unicycles. The bike trail stretches along the entire coastal strip, and You can start your adventure in Grzybowo and head to Kolobrzeg. Taking a trip along the Kołobrzeg stage of the Hanseatic Coastal Route, You can see many interesting buildings, such as the Fuse Tower and the Schlieffen Tenement House.

Salt marina

10 minutes by car

This is a special place on the map of Kolobrzeg. It is worth a walk there along the seaport, where beautiful yachts from all over the world are anchored. In the summer, the marina hosts sporting events and the Port Chillout Zone is specially prepared.

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