„Turnkey“ finishing

We value Your time and sense of taste. That is why we have prepared a comprehensive offer of „turnkey“ finishing of Your apartment.

You can take advantage of our comprehensive finishing and choose the style in which the apartment will be delivered. We will finish its interiors to the highest standard, and You will receive the keys to the apartment ready to move in.

Together with our partners, we have prepared three standards of tasteful arrangements of Your private oasis: „Boho Italian Style”, „Industrial Style” and „Japandi”. 

We guarantee high-quality workmanship, as well as the efficient handover of a completed project. With us, You gain confidence that the interior of Your apartment will ensure a unique atmosphere. 

Boho Italian Style

This style combines delicate, natural hues with wooden and wicker elements, together creating harmony and warmth in the interior composition. Natural materials lend the space a unique depth and authenticity, introducing a distinctive, warm ambiance. The design is subtly enriched with elegant gold accents, reminiscent of delicate jewelry, adding a touch of luxury to the interior. Ethnic patterns and maritime motifs further ensure the right character.

Industrial Style

An interior full of contrast, where industrial minimalism meets an energetic color palette. In this style, the raw textures of concrete, the warmth of wood, and the cool gleam of metal create a solid yet stylish backdrop. Simple, geometric shapes emphasize the minimalist design while maintaining functionality and comfort. Colorful accents break the industrial starkness and add coziness and dynamism to the space, creating an inspiring environment for work and relaxation, where every detail is significant.


This interior is where the harmony of the East meets Scandinavian simplicity, radiating calm and elegance. Muted earth tones – deep browns, warm greens, and shades of beige create a warm aura that relaxes and soothes. Natural textures bring authenticity and a closeness to nature into the space. A blend of different textures, simple lines, and functional furniture combines with functionality, which is the essence of Scandinavian design, while subtle Japanese influences in the form of minimalism and sensual forms add a refined character to the interior.

We build the highest quality seaside apartments as that is our hallmark in business and customer relations. We have customized solutions, so we can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. With the help of innovative technologies, we realize for You a unique estate with a wide range of amenities.